Our Story

Rain 2 Rainbow was born out of a passion to make a difference, being able to share my journey, the struggles I have faced and the rollercoaster it has been!
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All in the hope that my journey will be relatable to some of you out there and provide some comfort and support in knowing you are not alone, as well as an education for the areas I think we tend to lack the knowledge & information on.
I’ve always been a strong woman, striving to do better and be better, working in a very male dominated environment for my day job, I sacrificed the want to have a family until later on in my life, choosing to have a career and honestly repelled the tradition and pressure that is put on women that because you have got married you should then have a family. I hated that. I’d always wanted children but it never occurred to me that I might not be able to, something I feel now is down to areas we lack in educating people on today.
So around 8yrs and 5 rounds of IVF later we welcomed our little miracle into the world in March 2021. Rain 2 Rainbows is a space for couples to be given hope, support, and a place for me to share my infertility & older motherhood journey with you, hopefully helping people to feel less alone on their own journeys.
It’s allowed me to explore my creative side too and so I have designed an exclusive collection of carefully designed IVF & Fertility support bracelets alongside my many other designs, but it is those that I am most passionate about as I found comfort in symbolising important aspects of my journey with jewellery and want to do they same for many others.

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