Why Jewellery through Rain 2 Rainbow?

Why Jewellery through Rain 2 Rainbow?

So why Jewellery through Rain 2 Rainbow is often something I get asked so this week I thought I would share with you, how and why it all started.

I’ve always had a creative nature and enjoyed and admired others skills and crafts they create. For many years I struggled to find something that made me tick and ignited a real passion for me to just continue with it as a hobby and not get bored after a while and give it up.

It was back in 2019 during what would likely be my final round of IVF and a very difficult time in my life that I was influenced by a number of things and decided to take a punt at joining my two favorite things…..my love of helping others and my love of Jewellery!

So I embarked on trying out making a few bracelet designs I had been thinking of and wanted to combine these designs with my passion for making a difference and helping others as well as creating something that someone else could treasure and get comfort from.

Making this particular collection of bracelets alleviated my own stresses and struggles with my current situation where I was facing what would be my last round of IVF before giving up hope of it ever working. Throughout my journey with infertility I had endured a number of situations which I often found myself finding, wearing and holding onto little symbols of hope which is what I then wanted this collection of Jewellery to do for others. I used the Jewellery making as an outlet to allow me to channel my emotions in a positive way and help others.

From this specific collection my love of Jewellery making just grew and grew and I now find myself often making designs just for the hell of it because I genuinely love seeing the end result and what has been made, seeing what that piece can mean for others and the sentiment it can hold for them where only they know the meaning behind it.

My love for it made me take it one step further by officially going and learning a new skill and completing a silversmithing course at night school recently so I can develop my craft further.

Through Jewellery making, I discovered the power of mindfulness and being fully present in the moment. Each piece I create requires my full attention, focus and is lovingly handmade, allowing me to take a break, switch off from any worries and anxieties I might be dealing with. The repetitive nature of some of the techniques, such as stringing beads, also had a calming effect on my mind, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from hammering a piece of metal…..great for stress relieving!

In addition to the mental health benefits, Jewellery making also ignited a passion for design and entrepreneurship. As I became more skilled, I started to share my creations with friends and family, who encouraged me to sell my work.

This led me to starting Rain 2 Rainbow, which has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

The amount of people I have been able to touch, support and provide some comfort to with my Jewellery brings me comfort and joy that I never thought would have been possible from what simply started out as a hobby.

Overall, Jewellery making has become an integral part of my self-care routine and has given me a renewed sense of purpose and passion. If you're looking for a creative outlet to improve your mental health, I highly recommend finding a craft that you love. Who knows, it could ignite a passion you never knew you had!

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