From Rain to Rainbow: A whirlwind two weeks in the Tech Industry

From Rain to Rainbow: A whirlwind two weeks in the Tech Industry

Very short blog from me this week with a very quick update on what's going on in my world and over here at Rain 2 Rainbow!

It's been quite a whirlwind these past two weeks as I, have been busy travelling through my day job which resides in the Technology Industry. Standing up for important causes, celebrating diversity and women in tech, and embracing a new role as an ambassador for Fertility Network UK. The journey has been incredible, so let me share my adventures with you.

Rain On the Move: The past fortnight saw me traversing cities (last week I was in Barcelona, this week its seen me in London a fair bit) and conferences, and award ceremonies, meeting inspiring individuals from all walks of life. As a woman navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, it's both a thrilling and demanding job that I have loved for the past 16 years. I've had the privilege of witnessing the industry's growth, learning, and adapting as it evolves. Tech isn't just about gadgets and code; it's a dynamic force that's shaping the future.

Championing Mental Health in the Workplace: One of my primary focuses these past two weeks has been on raising awareness about mental health in the workplace. With it being World Mental Health Day on Tuesday and taking the lead on our Mental Health Initiative at work I have been striving to make changes and bring new things to my colleagues which helps in this capacity. The tech industry is known for its demanding schedules and high-stress environments. I'm proud to be part of a movement that encourages companies to prioritise the well-being of their employees.

We've initiated conversations about mental health, advocating for work-life balance, understanding how burnout occurs and implementing support systems. It's an essential step towards creating a more compassionate, nurturing, and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and supported.

Celebrating Diversity and Women in Tech: A highlight of these two weeks was yesterday evening, getting to attend the Diversity and Women in Tech Awards evening. The event showcased the remarkable achievements of women who have shattered glass ceilings and opened doors for others. It's heartening to see the tech industry become more diverse and inclusive. Many nominated, finalists and winners are all incredible women I have been proud to know work alongside and in some cases call friends.

These awards not only celebrate the contributions of women but also inspire future generations to pursue careers in tech. We're moving towards a future where diversity is celebrated, and tech is a level playing field for everyone.

Fertility Network UK: A New Journey: As I reached the end of my busy two weeks, I was humbled and excited to announce my new role as an ambassador for Fertility Network UK, where I've been asked to help them on their focus on fertility in the workplace. This is an issue close to my heart, as it impacts the lives of many individuals and families.

Navigating the challenges of fertility while pursuing a career can be daunting. I'm thrilled to join a team that's working tirelessly to make workplaces more understanding and accommodating for those on their fertility journeys.

In these two weeks, I've been on an incredible journey, from campaigning for better mental health awareness in the workplace to celebrating the diversity and achievements of women in tech. It's a reminder that while the tech industry can be demanding, it's also a platform for positive change.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey and excited to see what the future holds. Together, we can create a more inclusive, compassionate, and understanding tech industry where everyone has the chance to shine. After all, it's not just about weathering the storm but finding the rainbow that follows.

Until next time, stay inspired, stay motivated, and keep chasing those dreams! 

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