Embarking on a New Chapter: Weaving Hope into Everyday Life

Embarking on a New Chapter: Weaving Hope into Everyday Life

Firstly Hello to my beloved Rain 2 Rainbow Community, its been a while!

I've been wanting to reconnect with you after a reflective hiatus, I'm filled with gratitude and anticipation, eager to share the profound journey that has shaped these past months. Life is full of farewells and moments of quiet resilience, and boy has my resilience been tested of late! This blog is to unfold a story of both loss and newfound hope.

The pause in my blogging journey was an intentional one, a dedicated period to navigate the complex emotions surrounding the farewell to our remaining embryos. This chapter of our IVF & family journey demanded not only introspection but a deep exploration of the facets that define family, love, and self-discovery.

In these moments of reflection, surrounded by the warmth of family during the festive season, I rediscovered the importance of togetherness. It was a celebration of the intricacies that make life beautiful beyond the struggles of fertility. A time woven with love, understanding, and a commitment to cherish every moment.

As I stepped into 2024, I wanted Rain 2 Rainbow poised to elevate its mission to empower, educate, and instill hope within a cherished community. I am honored to extend my ambassadorial role with Fertility Network UK's Fertility in the Workplace campaign, an initiative that aligns seamlessly with Rain 2 Rainbow's commitment to fostering understanding and compassion, and the fight to educate on all topics surrounding Fertility ensuring everyone feels supported through these tempestuous paths.

Moreover, I am thrilled to deepen our advocacy through a continued partnership with Apricity Fertility UK. Together, we will spotlight the invaluable gift of egg donors, weaving awareness and appreciation for their transformative role in the lives of those, like me, striving to build families through IVF.

Rain 2 Rainbow, true to our brand, promises to be more than a blog—it's a sanctuary of support, wisdom, and shared experiences. Our journey from farewell to hope is an educational endeavor, an exploration of resilience, and an unwavering commitment to uplift and inspire. I truly hope everyone finds something from what we do, whether that simply be some reassurance to full on support through what may be your darkest of days, we want to ensure you not only learn but you feel seen and to know you are not alone- ever!

In the coming year, our blog will be a treasure trove of insights, expert perspectives, and personal stories. Each post will be a stitch of shared knowledge, offering solace, education, and the strength to persevere.

I have been working hard too behind the scenes to bring some new items to our beloved and signature Jewellery collections, symbols of hope and meaning for those facing some form of Fertility journey and for those of you who just want a little piece of something to make your day sparkle in some way. I hope you love some of the new designs and I always welcome ideas for any commissions you would like me to consider making for you.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. Here's to 2024—a chapter of new beginnings, steadfast hope, and the promise of a fight I will never give up.


All my love and support always


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